Causes of Inefficiency of Strategic Human Resource Management

These are some causes of inefficiency of strategic human resource management (SHRM) where the department has been established. These causes of inefficiency of strategic human resource management in Bangladesh organizations are listed out below for the private sector:

Causes of inefficiency of strategic human resource management

  1. Absence of professional management: The organizations of this country are mostly run by the owner managers rather than professional managers.
  2. Absence of long-term planning & objective: Most organizations are likely to plan for long term goal. They tend to generate profit/benefit within a very short time.
  3. Structural inadequacy: Most of the organizations are so small that they are likely to maintain a HRM department.
  4. Inadequate capital investment: Most organizations of Bangladesh are involved in services, trades, investing a small and inadequate fund for SHRM.
  5. Lack of entrepreneurial skills: Most of the entrepreneurs are short sighted and needs improvement to consider the importance of SHRM.
  6. Lack of intra and inter-departmental co-ordination: Most integrating function of the   SHRM   depends  on   inter  and   intra   departmental relationships.
  7. Inefficient HRIS and practices: Our MIS particularly HRIS is traditional and obsolete resulting insignificant contribution of HRM department to the organizational or departmental goal attainment.
  8. Autocratic and unethical practices: Moral on ethical limitations of our non-professional owners and top executives hinder the practice of SHRM in Bangladesh.
  9. Political unrest and negative influence: Political unrest is a perennial phenomenon in   Bangladesh   which   provides   no   room   for  proper management   practices    particularly    in   Strategic    Human   Resource Management.


    Causes of Inefficiency of Strategic Human Resource Management

  10. Lack of expertise & experience of professional managers: Most of our professional managers are not expert or shrewd enough to deal with SHRM keeping line with. others departments.
  11. Lack of HRM policies and practices: Only handful to companies in Bangladesh have developed and tend to maintain HRM policies thus rendering the job all the more difficult.
  12. Lack of implementation of labor and commercial laws: Lack of implementation of new laws regarding labor and commerce is another reason for inefficient SHRM in Bangladesh.
  13. Absence or inadequate monitoring and quality assurance: Quality of our working force as well as products and services are not a subject to be monitored regularly in Bangladesh aggravating the inefficiency.
  14. Lack of benchmarking and standardizationBenchmarking  and standardization are not up to the mark in international organizations working in Bangladesh.
  15. Weak and corrupt labor unions: Inefficient collective bargaining agent or owners organization are important reason behind this problem.
  16. Inefficient and unconscious but abundant laborers: Laborers are semi-or unskilled. Moreover, they are ignorant and abundant resources in Bangladesh obviously to protect exploitation. ‘
  17. Lack of security and consistency of business: The overall legal, political environment and task environment are not at all business friendly here in Bangladesh. So organizations are not interested in esthetic practice.

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